Training on Lichen Ecology and Identification in Sweden



On May 4-8 2015, the training course “Training on Lichens and Identification took place in Ekenäs, Sweden. More than 18 participants from 10 countries (including Arsen Gasparyan – participant from Armenia) participated in the course.

The main learning targets included: Field knowledge of common and characteristic lichen species of different habitats in Sweden

Understanding of important aspects related to lichens and nature conservation

Lichen identification using microscopical examination in the laboratory

Basic understanding of advanced techniques in lichen identification including analysis of chemical compounds by TLC

During the course, the participants visited various localities such as old forests, agricultural lands and churchyards and get acquainted with common species, indicator species and red-listed species. They also had an oral presentations on their current research topics. The course was great opportunity to establish new connections between young lichenologists.

The course was moderated by Professor at SLU Göran Thor. I would like to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to organizers for warm hospitality in Ekenäs.

Arsen Gasparyan