In the frame of the project “Lichen Research and Conservation in Armenia”,
Dr. Robert Lücking and Dr. Harrie Sipman from the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum of Berlin (BGBM), Freie Universitat Berlin provide advisory support and strengthen the capacity of the research group. The group collaborates with the BGBM in researches on molecular phylogeny, barcoding, and taxonomy.

The Armenian Society of Biologists NGO cooperates with the group for raising public awareness and about lichens and fungi in Armenia.

The Lichen Research and Conservation Group implements molecular studies at the molecular laboratory located at the Institute of Physiology after L.A. Orbeli, NAS RA.


The Lichen Research and Conservation Group cooperates with the department of biochemistry, microbiology, and biotechnology at the Faculty of Biology, YSU. In the framework of cooperation, microbiological studies are performed.

The Lichen Research and Conservation Group cooperate with the International Congress of Armenian Mycologists.