The Lichen Research and Conservation Group has been established at the Institute of Botany after A.L. Takhtajyan, NAS RA in 2020. The working space for the group is beeing renovated, it is equipped with furniture and necessary equipment, such as stereoscope, compound research microscope, freezers laboratory equipment supported by the Science Committee of RA, in the frames of the research project № 20TTSG-1F001. 
The group leader, Dr. Arsen Gasparyan has a significant knowledge and experience in lichenology. In 2017, he has completed his doctoral studies on the topic of epiphytic lichen diversity and conservation in Armenia at the Freie Universitat, Berlin. He has implemented number of scientific and conservation research projects on lichens and published more than 12 research articles, monographs, identification guides and other publication. Arsen supports development of lichenology in the country. In 2015, he has organized “International Lichenological Excursion to Armenia and training course for young scientists with participation of renowned scientists. He is member of International Association for Lichenology. One of the pillars of the group is Dr. Ivan Gabrielyan, a leading researcher at the Institute of Botany, who has a great contribution in the field of botany. Another team member, Razmik Sargsyan also engaged in the lichen research. He is PhD student at the Yerevan State University and implements his studies on antimicrobial activities of lichen components (secondary metabolites). Sona Galstyan and Razmik Papikyan have experience in molecular and phylogenetic studies. They have previously been involved in some projects of the Institute of Botany NAS RA