The List of Epiphytic Lichens proposed for Red Book of Armenia is published



The List of Epiphytic Lichens Proposed for Registration in the Red Book of the Republic of will be officially submitted to the Ministry of Nature Protection for inclusion in the Red Book of the Republic of Armenia.

The literature review, field work and field collections of the specimens were implemented within this studies. More than 150 localities were explored throughout Armenia. Based on the results of the research, the conservation status of several epiphytic lichens was assessed. It has been made according to criteria of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and the Red Book of the Republic of Armenia. As a result, 7 species were
assessed as a Critically Endangered (CR), 5 species as Endangered (EN), 2 species as Vulnerable (VU) and 4 as Data Deficient (DD). 18 epiphytic lichens considered in this book are suggested to be included in an upcoming edition of the Red Book of RA. This will give an opportunity to promote the conservation of epiphytic lichens, especially in forest ecosystems.

The book you can download from here