Young Scientists School on Lichenology in Armenia



The Young Biologists Association NGO in cooperation with Ecovillage NGO organized Science from the first hand. “Lichenological Research” Young Scientists School. The theoretical part of the school took place in Yerevan on 18 of June and the practical field work to Mount Aragats on 21 of June, 2015. More than 50 young scientists and students participated in the school. The invited speakers of the school were: Mr. Arsen Gasparyan (Topic: Lichens of Armenia),  Dr. Thorsten Lumbsch (Topic։ What’s in a name? That which we call a species), Pradeep K Divakar (Topic: How many species are hidden under the Parmelia saxatilis morphology), Dr. Ana Rosa Burgaz (Topic: “DNA-barcoding in the study of lichen diversity”), Dr. Andre Aptroot (Topic: Lichens and Global Warming).

The school was supported by Young Scientists Support Program (under the auspices of the RA President).